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Information Technology translations

In the last 10 years IT technology has experienced great progress and linguistic contaminations.
When we speak of professional translations in the IT sphere, we must distinguish between three areas of vocabulary:

  • The official technical vocabulary of the IT sector;
  • The technical vocabulary linked to IT products (hardware and software, apps, etc.);
  • The vocabulary deriving from the world of the Web.

Babelex is a team of professional translators based in Milan that carries out IT translations. We are able to provide a top quality, fast translation service. We know the IT sector, we are passionate about technology and we constantly keep ourselves up-to-date on new products and trends.

Some of the aspects relating to IT translations are explained below:

  • The new linguistic phenomena in the IT sector;
  • The constant attention to the new terms coming from the Web;
  • Clients that need IT translations;
  • The various types of IT translations;
  • The contribution of translations of IT texts for increasing corporate business;
  • Our methodological approach.

The new linguistic phenomena in the IT sector

With respect to translations of texts in other professional sectors, IT translations certainly present particular aspects and characteristics that must be known in order to fully understand their developments.

The IT sector has generated a totally new linguistic phenomenon, i.e. the forced translation of individual words which, however, has not resulted in a symptom of linguistic vitality but results that are often decidedly comical and in any case not fitting with the original language. This is the case, for example, of the literal translation of the “mouse”: someone in the past tried to translate it as “topo, but naturally it didn’t work. On the contrary, over the years, the term “mouse”, not translated, has become familiar and has been totally accepted into the Italian language. This is only one of the many examples of what we like to call linguistic cohabitation, an interesting phenomenon for us – professional translators and interpreters – which we have to deal with every day in the area of translating IT texts and documents.

The constant attention to the new terms coming from the Web

The Web has now become a shared space of communication and socialisation, able to stimulate linguistic production even beyond the strictly IT sector. Over the years, Internet has constructed its own specific vocabulary production and in this sense it continues to develop constantly. The role of the Italian language, specifically in this type of translation, is that of making use of borrowed words, i.e. of terms which, so as not to create confusion, are not translated (we have used the example of the term “mouse”), since they are now part of that widely known, used and shared technical terminology, specific to the sector.

The work of Babelex, a team of professional translators and experts in IT translations, is to welcome these new linguistic areas, being careful to keep the original terms. We provide a translation service that is always mindful of the new trends and new terms that come into our language and which emerge from the world of the Web.

The clients that need IT translations

For Babelex the IT sector is an important professional sector. We consider our work an opportunity which allows us to grow and improve constantly. Our commitment is that of guaranteeing a top quality translation service able to respond perfectly to the needs of various types of clients.

In the area of translations for the IT sector, our main clients are:

  • Companies that offer and manage IT services;
  • Professional programmers;
  • Manufacturers of software and digital products (the so-called software house);
  • Web agencies;
  • Companies that produce and sell Apps.
  • Hardware manufacturers

The various types of IT translations

We offer our clients various types of translations concerning the IT sector, including:

  • Translation of texts and documents regarding the management of networks and IT systems;
  • Translations of IT manuals and technical brochures for using hardware and software;
  • Translations of software product documents;
  • Translation of printing systems and services (printers, photocopiers, 3D printers);
  • Translation of data storage, backup and hosting services;
  • Translation for networks and telecommunications;
  • Translation of SLA service contracts (Service Level Agreement);
  • Translation of texts and documents regarding IT security (firewall, antivirus);
  • Translation of Apps for mobile devices;
  • Translation of texts and documents regarding ERP solutions (acronym of Enterprise Resource Planning, literally Enterprise Resource Planning);
  • Translation of texts regarding GIS – CAD geographical applications;
  • Translations of texts for web pages;
  • Translation of texts for e-commerce sites;
  • Translation of texts for interactive games;

The contribution of translations of IT texts for increasing corporate business

The IT sector continues to maintain a significant position in the area of linguistic translations, thanks above all to its capacity to innovate constantly and to the role played by the Web as far as contamination and constant linguistic production are concerned.

Babelex, a team of professional translations that for years has been working in the area of IT translations, is able to satisfy the specific needs of the client who is not satisfied with a judy simple translation. We are a group of professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of information technology. Our aim is that of providing top quality translations, guaranteeing constant assistance and working in close contact with the client.

The service of translating IT texts and documents offers great possibilities to increase your corporate business. Starting from the opportunity of communicating with a wider number of clients (already acquired or potential), eliminating linguistic and consequently geographical limits. We are convinced that in order to develop your business successfully at an international level and in order to succeed in being truly competitive on the market, you must look beyond your own territory. Our aim is to ensure that your company communicates effectively with the rest of the world.

Our methodological approach

Today an interesting and completely new scenario is opening up, since IT companies (small, medium-sized and large businesses) have entered the emerging markets) Latin (America, India, China). Those who work in the IT sector understand perfectly the importance of turning to a team of professional translators, able to support the client in the promotion, sale and visibility of their own digital products.

The professional IT translators who work with Babelex follow a methodological approach that has been refined over the years and that guarantees a successful end result.
This approach to the job takes four fundamental actions into consideration:

  • Always reading the original text with attention in order to understand its style, with the aim of transferring it to the translated text, respecting the difference between the two languages;
  • Paying attention to the format of the original text, in order to maintain a stylistic coherence in the translated text;
  • Consulting, when necessary, glossaries and specific terminological references in the IT sector;
  • Always carrying out a final check to verify that the translated text corresponds perfectly to the original.