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Commercial translations

Falling within the area of translations for the economic and commercial sector is the service of translating documents that deal with topics regarding international trade (business of companies that buy and sell products and services on foreign markets) and financial documents (linked to the business of banks and credit institutes).
Babelex is a valid team of professional translators – in Milan – experts in commercial translations. In recent years we have witnessed an increase in requests of this specific type of translations. Certainly the opening of markets, the phenomenon of globalisation and the ever increasing and massive presence of the web, are decisive factors that have considerably intensified and speeded up commercial relations among companies – and in more general terms, relations among individuals.

New business opportunities

Today, for a company, being able to sell its own products and services in fertile foreign markets is a great opportunity of business and expansion of its own activities. An entrepreneurial attitude and choice capable for really making a difference, but in order to fully seize this opportunity it is necessary to communicate in an optimal way with foreign realities. We know full well that in the economic and commercial sector – as in all sectors, – documents such as regulations, agreements, conventions, but also more simply technical expressions and ways of saying, change from Country to Country.

Below we go into these aspects concerning commercial translations in more detail:

  • The contribution of the translation service to the success of a commercial negotiation;
  • The professional characteristics of our translators;
  • The correct management of sensitive documents;
  • The linguistic tools and techniques adopted;
  • The constant attention to the correct compliance of the translations to the original text;
  • The different types of commercial translations.


Our contribution to the success of a commercial negotiation

The commercial translation service is doubtlessly a delicate business. The quality of the work carried out by a professional translator, expert in commercial translations, contributes to the success of a financial negotiation. Babelex is able to provide economic and commercial translations of a high standard, thanks to the ability to faithfully reproduce the text in the requested language. A translation into commercial English, for example, requires a wide linguistic knowledge above all regarding technical terms. We are convinced that a team of professional translators must put its own clients in the condition to understand the translated text perfectly, so as to carry out all the evaluations necessary for concluding a deal positively. In most cases, negotiating a deal with a company or with foreign professionals is a long and complex business. Often in order to reach a final agreement numerous texts, documents, letters of intent, contracts, etc. must be translated with speed and accuracy in order to give the client the chance to communicate just as fast with its own commercial partners.

The professional characteristics of our translators

Babelex, a team of professional translators working in Milan and all over Italy, offers translation services aimed at companies and professionals working in the financial sector. Our clients are banks, multinational companies with headquarters all over the world and which every day handle economic relations with clients, suppliers and foreign partners. The years of experience and passions acquired confirm us today as a valid linguistic partner in possession of specific professional characteristics:

  • The capacity to handle translations in the various European and extra-European languages;
  • The guarantee of entrusting the commercial translations of sensitive documents to a team of professional translators able to guarantee maximum accuracy and attention;
  • The possibility, on the client’s part, of always receiving a timely check of the work carried out;
  • The absolute willingness of our translators to keep a constant and direct contact with the clients;
  • The certainty of receiving correctly any revisions of the translated documents, thanks to a constant quality control of the work before final delivery to the client.

Correct handling of sensitive documents

Financial documents, often sensitive because they deal with strictly confidential information and data, need to be translated by professionals specialised in commercial translations of contracts and financial statements. Babelex is a valid and closely-knit team of professional translators, equipped with high level linguistic skills, with specific studies behind them in the economic-commercial sector and a vast knowledge in the field thanks to constant updates and in-depth study. This specific academic and professional path, focused in the sector of translations, allows us to use exact financial terms putting them in context according to the treated topic.
The many years of experience acquired in translations of an economic and commercial nature, allow us to be aware in advance of the needs of our clients, also guaranteeing all forms of privacy for the purposes of confidentiality and the correct management of sensitive documents.

The linguistic tools and techniques adopted

Commercial translations are some of the most requested and delicate of the translation services offered by Babelex. Our professional translators and experts in the sector guarantee the correct terminological and linguistic coherence thanks to their professional skills, but also through specific technical and linguistic tools refined over the years:

  • The use and if necessary consultation of the so-called translation memories (called in English Translation Memory or more simply with the acronym TM), or of specific linguistic and terminological databases, updated periodically, used in specific software, the aim of which is to assist and contribute effectively to the translation process.
  • In specific cases, the use of topical sector dictionaries and glossaries.


The compliance of translations to the original text

Constant attention to the minimum details and the correct compliance of the translated document with the text in the original language – both in terms of style and language and in terms of specific terminology – guarantee an impeccable translation service.
The commercial translations carried out by Babelex, comply with specific requisites: accuracy, maximum attention and efficacy. The reason for this accuracy derives from the need to emphasise certain fundamental aspects present in a document relating to the economic and commercial sector, including:

  • Aspects relating to selling, which is a rather delicate type of activity and held in great consideration by the client;
  • The communication of the strong points of a service or a product;
  • Absolute attention in recording figures and correct data, complying perfectly to those in the text in the original language;
  • The understanding and correct translation of the benefits illustrated in the document that are proposed to the potential client.

The various types of commercial translations

  • Babelex carries out translations of various types of economic and commercial documents:
  • Six-monthly and annual reports;
  • Macro and micro economy texts;
  • Contracts;
  • Notes to financial documents;
  • Financial statements and periodical documentation;
  • Financial reports;
  • Reports of shareholders;
  • Business plans;
  • Documents that treat matters and disciplines of commercial law;
  • Credit agreements;
  • Audit reports;
  • Press files and releases that discuss or treat topics relating to the economic and commercial sector;
  • Minutes of sector meetings and board meetings;
  • Banking documents;
  • Calls for tender, specifically most of the translations we carry out in this sector are those relating to the so-called economic specifications attached to the calls for tender.
  • Commercial letters;
  • Letters of intent;
  • Commercial invoices;
  • Economic and financial articles;
  • Market analyses;
  • Economic statements;
  • Documents relating to investment funds;
  • Communications from the Stock Exchange.